protein ice cream

Protein Berry ‘Nice’ Cream

Desserts, Snacks
Protein Berry ‘Nice’ CreamA nicer form of ice cream - simple. With over 12.5 grams of protein and only 100 calories per serving, this snack or dessert isn’t just delicious,…

Smoked Salmon & Chives Mini Tarts

Smoked Salmon & Chives Mini TartsPerfect for a healthy morning tea at home with friends or in the office with ‘friends’.24Method1.Combine your Cottage Cheese, smoked salmon, lemon juice and chopped…

Cottage Cheese Tuna, Tomato & Dill Dip

Cottage Cheese Tuna, Tomato & Dill DipPerfect with crackers or corn chips, and perfectly healthy. Plus it only takes a few minutes to prepare.4-6Method1.In a bowl combine the cottage cheese,…

Cottage Cheese, Spinach and Basil Loaf Dip

Cottage Cheese, Spinach and Basil Loaf DipA delicious dip that, once you taste it, may easily become a main. Great when you have friends over.8-10Method1.Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a…

Single Slice of Heaven

Single Slice of HeavenSo simple and tasty. Spread the cheese on a slice of bread, toast or even crisp-bread and add a little bit of your imagination.1Method1.Simply spread a generous…