Cottage Cheese vs Crème Fraiche: Which is Best for Your Health?

Cottage cheese and creme fraiche are both popular with dairy lovers and with good reason – they are both oh-so-delicious. However, while they both score highly on the taste chart, they don’t perform equally well on the good-for-you chart. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the creme fraiche vs cottage cheese debate, outlining the strengths of each, when you should use one or another, and which one is best if you’re looking for the healthiest option.

The Battle: Crème Fraîche vs Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese vs creme fraiche is a time-old debate. After all, both these tasty dairy products have a long history – they’ve both been around officially since the 1800s, but their unofficial history dates back much further.

Today, they tend to coexist. Indeed, there are many recipes where you can easily substitute one for the other, though it’s important to remember that they are separate products and, as a result, offer different taste experiences.

Exploring the Differences: Cottage Cheese vs Crème Fraîche

First up, let’s clarify one thing. When we talk about creme fraiche vs cottage cheese, we’re not just talking about a few subtle differences. They’re fundamentally different products. Cottage cheese is a mixture of curds and cream. Creme fraiche is a soured cream. They’re produced in different ways, resulting in a markedly different taste. However, they’re both dairy products, so while they taste different and serve different purposes, they’re not completely dissimilar.

Taste Test: Which is better – Crème Fraîche or Cottage Cheese?

It’s impossible to say whether cottage cheese or creme fraiche wins in a taste test. We’d opt for cottage cheese every day of the week, but we’re biased — 125 years of making outstanding cottage cheese will do that to you!

But let’s try to stay impartial. Both cottage cheese and creme fraiche are delicious in their own ways. Cottage cheese has a milder taste than creme fraiche, which is ideal for those who find the rich and tangy taste of creme fraiche a little overbearing.

Health Benefits: Crème Fraîche and Cottage Cheese Compared

OK, now onto the real stuff – which one is healthier for you? In this field, there’s only one winner: cottage cheese is much better for you than creme fraiche. In fact, cottage cheese is a healthier option in general – it’s high in protein, lower in fat, and provides a healthy dose of calcium, too. Creme fraiche, on the other hand, is full of fat. Sorry creme fraiche, cottage cheese takes this one!

The Verdict: Crème Fraîche or Cottage Cheese?

So what’s the takeaway? If you have cottage cheese or creme fraiche in your fridge, then you’ll have a delicious, versatile product to work with. However, the health benefits of cottage cheese mean that it’ll always come out on top.

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