How Much Cottage Cheese Should I Eat a Day? Tips for a Healthy Diet

How Much Cottage Cheese Should I Eat a Day? Tips for a Healthy Diet

There’s a lot to love about cottage cheese and the part it can play in a healthy diet. It’s high in protein and calcium and lower in fat than many other dairy products. Some people also follow a cottage cheese diet to help them lose weight.

However, getting the portions right when you’re enjoying cottage cheese is a must. Eating some every day is great, but it’s important not to have too much and to balance it with other foods. By eating cottage cheese in moderation, you can make it part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Cottage Cheese Intake: Daily Recommendations

Cottage cheese is high in protein and contains other good nutrients like calcium.

The daily recommended intake of protein is 64g for adult men (81g if over 70) and 46g for adult women (57g for over 70s). For children and teenagers, the recommended daily intake is between 14g and 45g, depending on their exact age.

Cottage cheese can make up part of this daily intake, although it’s unlikely to make up all of your protein. Brancourts Classic Cottage Cheese contains 11.7g of protein per 100g, equating to 23% of your recommended adult daily intake.

Cottage cheese is also high in calcium. With 122mg per 100g in our Classic Cottage Cheese, you can get 15% of your daily recommended intake from just 100g.

The Perfect Amount of Cottage Cheese: How Much Cottage Cheese Can I Eat in a Day?

Cottage cheese contains some nutritional goodies, and you can get plenty of what you need from just 100g. But how much should you be eating each day? Well, cottage cheese should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, so you don’t want to make all of your meals cottage cheese!

Cottage cheese is lower in fat than many other dairy products, making it an excellent source of protein and calcium. 100g makes up about 5% of your total energy for the day (446kj), making it great for a light breakfast, lunch, snack, or as an addition to your main meal.

Making Cottage Cheese a Daily Habit

Adding cottage cheese to your daily diet is a fantastic way to make it healthier. There are so many ways to enjoy cottage cheese too. Keep it simple and enjoy it on its own with various toppings. You can try adding fruit, nuts, jam, honey . . . anything you like! Or check out our breakfast recipes, main dishes, snacks, smoothies and desserts pages for more ideas on how to include cottage cheese in your diet.

Of course, not all cottage cheeses are made equal. Our small batch-made cottage cheese has a 125-year-old history, following four generations of traditional recipes, and is made with only the best fresh Aussie milk for a creamy taste. Find our range of Classic, Lactose-Free and Protein+ Cottage Cheese at selected Woolworths and Coles supermarkets nationwide.


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