Cottage Cheese Benefits: Why You Should Include It in Your Diet

If you are looking for the right type of food to include in your diet that covers a range of nutritional benefits, it’s time to have cottage cheese in your life. There are so many different cottage cheese benefits. If you are on the hunt for something that is not just good for you but can also be a versatile ingredient that is at home in numerous dishes, look no further. There are so many advantages to having cottage cheese in your diet, so let’s show you everything you need to know:

How does Cottage Cheese Benefit for Losing Weight?

Because cottage cheese and other dairy products are known for their high protein content, this means you will feel fuller and more satisfied for longer periods so you are less likely to overeat. 

When people are looking to lose weight, they may want to lower their calorie count and up their protein instead. Brancourts Protein + Cottage Cheese, per 100g serving, contains 13.7g of protein, which equates to 27% of your daily recommended intake, and 430kJ, which is classed as only 5% of an average adult diet, making it an invaluable ingredient for people looking to increase their protein intake to stop them overeating, while also opting for a lower calorie counterpart.

What are the Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese?

The health benefits of cottage cheese are, unsurprisingly, many. Highly nutritious, lower in calories, and packed full of nutrients that make it an irreplaceable part of anyone’s diet. Whether they’re looking to lose weight or grow muscle, cottage cheese is a great addition. 

Beyond its lower calorie and higher protein content, approximately 120g of cottage cheese contains roughly 30% of the average adult’s daily value of selenium, which may help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. It also contains 20% of riboflavin (vitamin B2) and B12, as well as sodium, phosphorus, and calcium*. As a dairy product, cottage cheese is considered a complete source of high-quality protein as it contains all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot make by itself.

Cottage Cheese has been very popular amongst athletes and gym-goers because of its high protein content. The protein in cottage cheese mostly comes from casein, which is a slow-digesting protein. Studies suggest that consuming casein before bed, especially after strength training, may support muscle recovery.*

Is Cottage Cheese Good for Your Health?

Cottage cheese is lower calorie and higher protein, which can help support people’s weight loss goals because of the high-protein content, but, being cheese, also contains a decent amount of calcium, an essential mineral the body needs to maintain strong bones. Inadequate calcium can lead to osteoporosis later in life, which causes fragile bones and an increased risk of fractures. Due to its phosphorus content, this can also play a vital role in maintaining bone health by preventing bone loss and potentially reducing the risk of fractures. 

Cottage cheese also contains probiotics, which have become incredibly popular in recent years because of the increased focus on gut health. Several studies have shown that our gut and our digestive health play a critical role in more than just processing food. Probiotics are a collection of healthy bacteria that may boost your immune system and protect against infections. As the gut is responsible for 70% to 80% of the body’s immune cells, having a healthy gut is critical, which is where cottage cheese should be an essential part of your diet. 

Because of its nutritious balance of protein, minerals, and vitamins, it is the ideal choice for anybody looking to improve their diet. As it is also such a diverse ingredient in foods, from main meals to desserts and snacks, cottage cheese can help you reduce unhealthy snacking, boost your protein intake, and give you that little bit of a spring in your step, and it all begins with picking the right cottage cheese. At Brancourts, our cottage cheeses are small batch-made with full-fat Australian milk, guaranteeing the unmistakable creaminess and amazing flavour that makes our cottage cheeses so popular.

Should I Add Cottage Cheese to Fruit?

The cottage cheese benefits can be amplified even more when you pair them with the right foods. Even a simple dish such as our (Lactose-Free) Cottage Cheese Chocolate Mousse boasts a number of health benefits because of the 70% cocoa powder, nutritional yeast, and sugar alternative, stevia. But when you pair cottage cheese with fruit such as peaches, berries, or pineapple, you are not just instantly enhancing the flavour – you are also adding extra vitamins and fibre to your diet. 

Cottage cheese is a nutritional powerhouse, but when you pair it with fibrous foods such as your favourite fruit, it makes for a nutritious snack at any time of the day. And if you’re looking for a quick cottage cheese hit full of goodness that you can consume on the go, there are an amazing variety of smoothies, including our Tropical Morning Protein Boost Smoothie, which is sure to put a spring in your step.

Interesting Facts About Cottage Cheese

It was incredibly popular during the First World War. Because America was trying to save meat for the inventory rations, they pushed cottage cheese as a more nutritional alternative to meat. After the war, cottage cheese surged in popularity, with approximately 14,000 tons of cottage cheese produced in 1919 alone.

Cottage cheese is safe to eat during pregnancy. While many mothers-to-be are advised to not eat certain cheese products during pregnancy, cottage cheese is considered one of the safest.

Cottage cheese is popular with bodybuilders. Due to its high casein protein content, and being low in fat, it is popular amongst athletes, bodybuilders, and health food fans.

Cottage Cheese is Your Missing Ingredient

If you are looking for something that is healthier, lower in calories, incredibly versatile, and is going to shake up your diet, make Brancourts Cottage Cheese your new fridge staple! Available as Classic, Protein+, and Lactose-Free, you can buy in selected Coles and Woolworths stores nationwide.



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