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Where can I buy Brancourts products?
  • Our Cottage Cheese products are available exclusively in Woolworths stores across Australia. Find us in the dairy/cheese fridges in your local store.
  • If you can’t see us on shelf, or you shop at a different supermarket, ask an attendant for help, and be sure to mention to customer services that you’d like to see Brancourts Cottage Cheese on shelf!
Where are your products made?
  • Our cottage cheese products are proudly made from Aussie milk, produced at our Hexham site near Newcastle, NSW.
What else do you make?
  • We also make a range of other dairy products from our Hexham and Traralgon sites – please keep checking back here for the latest updates as we grow and expand the range.
What is your packaging made of? Is it recyclable?
  • Our cottage cheese tubs and lids are recyclable in your council mixed recycling. Please rinse out the containers and add them to your local collection, disposing of the foil responsibly in your general waste. 
What is cottage cheese?
  • Cottage cheese is a mild-flavoured soft cheese that is made from the curd extracted during the processing of milk. The curd is then cut, dressed (where all the flavour and creamy deliciousness comes from), and set before sending out to your local stores. 
How do I use cottage cheese?
  • Because of its mild flavour and creamy texture, it’s perfect to partner with both sweet and savoury dishes, at any time of the day. Click here for some recipe inspiration.